Andrew Rota

Andrew Rota

Senior software engineer and architect specializing in front-end UI architecture for large-scale web applications. Contributor to the open source web UI framework, Tungsten.js, and an occasional speaker at technology conferences and user groups. Currently a software architect on the JavaScript Platform team at Wayfair in Boston, MA.


Talk: Ten practical ways to improve front-end performance

The process of improving a site’s front-end performance can be a daunting task, and it’s disappointing when those optimizations don’t have much effect on the metrics that actually matter. The most pragmatic (and rewarding) approach to web performance is one that takes advantage of all the quick, high-impact tactics that are available, while remaining focused on a robust, long-term performance-oriented strategy.

This talk will present ten concrete ways you can improve web performance, split between quick tactical wins and longer-term overarching strategies. With these practical tips you’ll be able to start making the changes that will meaningfully improve the performance, and overall user experience, of your web application.

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