Susanne Moog

Susanne Moog

Susanne Moog originally started her career by studying media economics and journalism. Trying to find a CMS for a student project she quite accidentally found TYPO3 and has been part of the community ever since. In her day job she is Scrum Master, Project Leader and Tech Coach depending on the situation with the personal goal to help other people excel in all areas of their work. Her free time is spent coding on open source projects, discussing code architecture and visiting conferences around the world.


Talk: Develop Yourself

Modern software development changes fast - frameworks are forgotten or created, patterns become anti-patterns and the requirements of what a web developer should be able to do rise every day. Now more than ever continuous learning is important. In this talk I’d like to show some ways how we can improve as developers - individually and together using TDD, Katas, Pair Programming and more.

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