Christopher Hoult

Christopher Hoult

An American transplant to the UK, Christopher is a Senior Software Engineer at Datto, involved in developing internal webservices at the one of the world’s leading backup and disaster recovery companies. Prior to this, he was an Engineering Team Lead at DataSift - overseeing all public web applications and API - and a Senior Software Engineer at Time Out Digital, helping to design and deliver their global platform as well as the day to day running of the Time Out London and Paris websites. In his spare time, he has founded and co-organizes PHP Berkshire. His passion is theatre, and has been the Marketing Manager at Reading’s Progress Theatre for the past three years as well as regularly appearing on its stage.


Talk: Ethical Engineering (Keynote)

Our increasingly connected world, along with the promises of Big Data and Cloud Computing, offers us multitudes of opportunities to model the world and build powerful technology to improve not only the companies we work for but the lives of many. Yet far too often we, as engineers, focus on providing a solution to the problem at hand and overlook the problems that the solution itself might cause. In this talk, I examine some of the issues our world throws up, and asks what it takes to engineer ethically.

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