Marcello Duarte

Marcello Duarte

Marcello is the co-creator of PhpSpec and Inviqa’s Head of Training. As an Agile coach, Marcello has coached many teams in many organisations into Agile processes and development practices like Scrum, TDD, Refactoring, Collaborative Product Ownership and Software Quality. In 2014, he was officially recognised as the Best Agile Coach/Mentor (Technical) at the UK Agile Awards.


Talk: Introduction to functional programming with Phunkie

Been meaning to get to grips with the whole Functional Programming fuss? This gentle introduction, packed with real-world code examples, will explore enough Functional Programming basics to whet your appetite and get you up to speed. We’ll create live coding magic using the beautiful Phunkie REPL, and will cover everything from function composition and pure functions, to high order functions, currying, pattern matching, and the power of lists – all in PHP, thanks to Phunkie!

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