Michael Heap

Michael Heap

Michael is a polyglot software engineer, committed to reducing complexity in systems and making them more predictable. Working with a variety of languages and tools, he shares his technical expertise to audiences all around the world at user groups and conferences.

Day to day, Michael is a fixer. He works on whatever needs an extra pair of hands both at his day job and in open source projects. When not immersed in technology, you’ll find him either playing various board games or hiking through the countryside.


Talk: Don’t believe everything you learn (Lightning)

A minute always has 60 seconds, right? Wrong! Ok, but a country always has a capital city, right? Wrong again!

Come and join us for a lighthearted talk about some of the common falsehoods that developers believe which cause issues in real, production systems. We’ll cover the classics like timezones and names, as well as some new contenders such as geography and software versions.

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